Understanding MS NLB and Clustering Strategies

ftServer 2012 can be configured to have better fault tolerance for business critical applications at minimal cost. There are a couple of  fault tolerance options that can be used  depending on the nature of applications and cost. Lets quickly have an overview of those strategies.


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User Rights in Server 2012


Rights are authorized action a user can perform on the system. They are tightly coupled with permissions which are applied at object level. These user rights can be applied through local policies or centralized group Continue reading

File Screen Policies in Server 2012 – FSRM

File Screens icoFile Screens are used to filter certain types of files from saving on your storage drive. It is not uncommon to see users saving huge pst or MP3  files on a shared storage which they are not suppose to do. File screens are used to block users from saving specific types of files as well as generate notifications when anyone attempts to save a blocked file resource on the server. File screens can be created for entire volume or specific folders. Lets quickly walk through the Continue reading

Creating Roaming Profile – Quick and Easy

RoamingicoA profile is a folder that contains all the settings pertaining to a users work environment on the system. By default these settings are stored under C:/Users Folder or C:/Documents and Settings in older operating system. A roaming profile on the other hand is stored on a network drive instead of a local folder . It is downloaded and cached on the system where user logs on.This cached profile is saved back to the server once the user logs out of the system. The advantage here is that user can log on to any system and have a consistent work environment.

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Script to check uptime and C Drive space on list of windows servers

UptimeAs part of the pre/post patch or software deployment activity, system admins go through a tedious process of checking free space on all the servers. Sometimes sysadmins are even asked to check if the server was rebooted after the deployment. The script that I am sharing caters these requirements. All you need is Continue reading

Data Deduplication Jobs on Windows Server 2012

DedupIcoAs most of us know data deduplication feature in Server 2012 helps saving more space by locating and removing duplication within data files. Instead of storing multiple copies of those identical files, only a single copy takes up space and all duplicates refer the original. Windows achieves this by a filter driver that monitors local and remote IO and a deduplication service which controls three important scheduled jobs on the server – Optimization, Continue reading

Hot and Cold Spot Analysis – Server 2012 Storage Spaces

StoragePoolwithsas_ssdIT Storage world traditionally classifies storage disk based on its technology example SATA, SCSI, SSD, Fibre Channel etc. Your storage selection basically depends on the kind of read write requirement and budget. For Instance SSD is expensive but ideal for storing operating system files and file servers on the other hand need more capacity and tolerance so SATA is a good fit here. Server 2012 has a new feature which helps analyzing data based on its usage Continue reading