Perfmon Counters to analyse network performance

If you want to carry out an analysis of your network performance , then a good place to begin is by using the perfmon.exe tool. There are a lot of network related performance counters to measure. Depending on the analyzing parameter we need to select their respective counters. Below table gives a brief of how those counters can be utilized for analysis of various network objects.

Object Analyzing Parameter Counter
IPV4, IPV6 Resource Utilization Datagram Received/Sec , Datagram Sent/sec
TCPV4, TCPV6 Resource Utilization Segments Received/Sec, Segments Sent/Sec, Segments Retransmitted/Sec
Network Interface Resource Utilization Bytes Received/Sec, Bytes Send/sec, Packets Received/sec, Packets Sent/sec, Output Queue Length
Processor Information Resource Utilization % Processor Time, Interrupts/sec, DPCs Queued/Sec
Network Interface Potential Network Problems Packets Received Discarded, Packet Received Errors, Packets Outbound Discarded, Packets Outbound Errors
WFPV4, WFPV6 Potential Network Problems Packets Discarded/sec
UDPV4, UDPV6 Potential Network Problems Datagrams Received Errors
TCPV4, TCPV6 Potential Network Problems Connection Failures, Connection Resets
Network QoS Policy Potential Network Problems Packets Dropped
Per Processor Network Interface Card Activity Potential Network Problems Low Resource Received Indications/sec , Low Resource Received Packets/sec
MS Winsock BSP Potential Network Problems Dropped Datagrams, Dropped Datagrams/sec, Rejected Connections, Rejected Connections/Sec
Network Adapter RSC Performance TCP Active RSC Connections, TCP RSC Average Packed Size, TCP RSC Coalesced Packets/Sec, TCP RSC Exceptions/sec

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