Three ways to disable server manager at logon

Server Manager has a habit of popping up every time administrator logins to the server. This becomes annoying and tiresome after sometime. You can control this by three ways, changing the settings on server manager or changing the registry value or by changing the group policy settings. Below are the steps with screenshots.

1. Disable using Server Manager Settings
Select the “Manage” option on server manager.


Select Server Manager Properties


Check the “Do not start server manager automatically at logon”


2. Disable using Registry Settings
Server Manager settings can also be changed from registry by changing the REG_DWORD value for “DoNotOpenServerManagerAtLogon” to 1
The path for registry – HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Server Manager


3. Disable using group policy settings
You need to browse to Computer Configuration/Policies/Administrative Templates/System/Server Manager


You need to enable it to stop getting the server manager pop up at logon on all domain member servers





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