Excel to list installed MS patches

ListPatchesICOAs a system administrator we always get requests to compare the patches installed between two servers.In the past I had a script that would list all the installed patches on a server/desktop (I probably downloaded from the hey scripting guy site). The script worked perfectly fine for me, except for the fact that I had to pipe the output into a text or format the output in a csv file. Moreover I had to explain the steps to execute the script to everyone who wanted to use it. What if I had to just click a button in excel and the script would list the data in the same sheet ? Makes life so easy !! Lets quickly jump on the script now.

Script to list installed patches on a server

– The script basically queries WMI (W32_QuickFixEngineering) remotely to get the data. All you need to do is input the server name or IP address and click on the execute button. The excel sheet here has two input boxes you can use both or one. I usually use the script to compare servers (especially cluster nodes).

You can download the file here  and do not forget to change the file extension from xls to xlsm.

Output for the script would look something like this


Download Link – https://dipeshsanghavi.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/list_all_patches2.xls

Note – Make sure you enable macros in case its not enabled. You can always view the underlying code by clicking on the view code under developer tab.(Refer to my article in case the developer tab is not viewable) Although the script has been tested on various operating system, it is recommended that you run the script on a test server or lab environment.

Let me know how it works for you all.



3 thoughts on “Excel to list installed MS patches

  1. vcloud6195

    I want excel script to get the server name, up address, serial number, os name, service pack, uptime, installed patches


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