Script to check uptime and C Drive space on list of windows servers

UptimeAs part of the pre/post patch or software deployment activity, system admins go through a tedious process of checking free space on all the servers. Sometimes sysadmins are even asked to check if the server was rebooted after the deployment. The script that I am sharing caters these requirements. All you need is excel and admin privileges to query remote machines from your computer.

The script runs a few remote wmi queries to get uptime data and System drive space details.

All you need to do is insert the list of host names or IP addresses in the Column A (starting A2) and hit the execute button.


Download Link –

Note – Make sure you enable macros in case its not enabled. You can always view the underlying code by clicking on the view code under developer tab.(Refer to my article in case the developer tab is not enabled by default) Although the script has been tested on various operating system, it is recommended that you run the script on a test server or lab environment first.

Let me know how it works for you all.


3 thoughts on “Script to check uptime and C Drive space on list of windows servers

  1. vcloud6195


    I want excel script to get the server name, IP address, serial number, OS name ,Service pack , disks space, Uptime,

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