File Screen Policies in Server 2012 – FSRM

File Screens icoFile Screens are used to filter certain types of files from saving on your storage drive. It is not uncommon to see users saving huge pst or MP3  files on a shared storage which they are not suppose to do. File screens are used to block users from saving specific types of files as well as generate notifications when anyone attempts to save a blocked file resource on the server. File screens can be created for entire volume or specific folders. Lets quickly walk through the predefined file screen templates provided in server 2012 and steps to enforce it.

Launch Server Manager and browse to the File Screen Templates node. Those are the predefined templates

File Screens 1

Right click Block Email Files templates, and select “Create File Screen from Template” option

Enter the volume name or the folder path (in this case its “Documents” folder) you want to screen in the “File Screen Path” text box

File Screens 2

Click Create. Go to File Screen Option and Edit the file screen properties you just created.

File Screens 3

You can select Active Screening to block users or Passive Screening to allow users and monitor the activity. Select all the file groups that you want to block. You can also edit the file groups if needed.

File Screens 4

You can go through and customize email, event log properties Or add a command that would trigger.

File Screens 6 File Screens 5

Click OK once you review everything.

Now try copying an .OST file in screened folder. You should get the following error.

File Screens 7

Check event log to see the generated error. Event 8215 

File Screens 8


That’s it !!! You have successfully created a file screen.

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