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User Rights in Server 2012


Rights are authorized action a user can perform on the system. They are tightly coupled with permissions which are applied at object level. These user rights can be applied through local policies or centralized group Continue reading

Script to check uptime and C Drive space on list of windows servers

UptimeAs part of the pre/post patch or software deployment activity, system admins go through a tedious process of checking free space on all the servers. Sometimes sysadmins are even asked to check if the server was rebooted after the deployment. The script that I am sharing caters these requirements. All you need is Continue reading

Excel to list installed MS patches

ListPatchesICOAs a system administrator we always get requests to compare the patches installed between two servers.In the past I had a script that would list all the installed patches on a server/desktop (I probably downloaded from the hey scripting guy site). The script worked perfectly fine for me, except for the fact that I had to pipe the output into a text or format the output in a csv file. Moreover I had to explain the steps to execute the script to everyone who wanted to use it. What if I had to just click a button in excel and the script would list the data in the same sheet ? Makes life so easy !! Lets quickly jump on the script now. Continue reading

Script to Ping multiple servers using excel

ExcelPingI just assembled (since I did not write it from scratch) a small but useful script which can be used directly from excel. You really don’t need to run anything on command prompt or create an input/output file.The script doesn’t even need admin privileges to run. The result from the script would be stored real time in the same excel sheet. Just paste the list of computer names/IP Addresses /Urls in the sheet and hit the execute button.

Continue reading

Preparing Excel to run sysadmin scripts

Excel is a very powerful tool when it comes to gathering, organizing, processing and even presenting data. It can also help system administrators in a variety of ways. I’ve made a small attempt to show as to how can we use excel macros in utilizing various vbscripts. Although there are various ways of setting up your excel sheet to run macros, the steps below are procedures that I usually follow while creating my scripts. This can be used as a standard template for all your excel vba system admin scripts. Continue reading