Server 2012 – New features and Improvements

imagesServer 2012 has a lot of new features as compared to its predecessors. I have listed a few major features and upgrades which I personally feel are more important and worth mentioning.

Future is Cloud – Cloud technology is already proving to be a driving force as far as IT infrastructure models are concerned. Windows Server 2012 is the first Microsoft OS that has features and connectivity to cloud. With improved features like virtualization, networking, storage usability and much more, Microsoft is going stronger Continue reading

Three ways to disable server manager at logon

Server Manager has a habit of popping up every time administrator logins to the server. This becomes annoying and tiresome after sometime. You can control this by three ways, changing the settings on server manager or changing the registry value or by changing the group policy settings. Below are the steps with screenshots. Continue reading

Perfmon Counters to analyse network performance

If you want to carry out an analysis of your network performance , then a good place to begin is by using the perfmon.exe tool. There are a lot of network related performance counters to measure. Depending on the analyzing parameter we need to select their respective counters. Below table gives a brief of how those counters can be utilized for analysis of various network objects. Continue reading

Winlogon and its function

Understanding Winlogon and its functions.

We usually come across the term Winlogon in windows world and the first perception that we get is that this process might be used for handling interactive logons. This is partially correct but there’s a lot more in it that winlogon does.A legitimate winlogon process runs from “%Systemroot%\System32\Winlogon.exe” so make sure that you don’t get fooled by a virus or a Trojan running a process as winlogon from some other location.Let’s understand its role in different scenarios. Continue reading

An Introduction to NTLM (NT Lan Manager) and its Overview.

An Introduction to NTLM (NT Lan Manager) and its Overview.
LM\NTLM has been used as an authentication protocol in windows family since beginning. Lets walk back to get a clear picture about its evolution.
1.LM (Lan Manager)
This was the first form of secured versions of authentication protocols used by windows family since windows 95 and 98. However this version is rarely used and is now considered as one of the least secured in its type.
2. NTLM Version 1 – A better version of LM available with Windows NT and above. An authentication protocol considered as more improved and secured than LM, since it closed up a major security flaws present in LM.
3. NTLM Version 2 – The Most secured version in its family which is currently supported by Windows NT with SP4 and all above version of Windows Operating Systems. Continue reading

Kerberos in Windows – An Overview

Kerberos is used since a long time as an authentication protocol in the UNIX world. It entered the Windows family with Windows 2000 and is used with all the OS releases till date. Windows Active Directory uses Kerberos as a default authentication protocol. Its major advantage over other authentication schemes is its interoperability with Unix systems. When coupled with a strong password, Kerberos is considered to be the toughest to break through. Kerberos V5 is the current version used in the Windows Family. Continue reading

DHCP Lease Process

dhcp_introDHCP is widely used for dynamically assigning IP and other network configuration parameters on systems especially on large scale infrastructure environments. It greatly reduces the administrative overhead of managing IP addresses manually for all the clients and servers.Windows DHCP server is capable of providing below mentioned network configuration components to the client.
• IP Address
• Subnet Mask
• Gateway
• WINS-Primary/Secondary
• DNS-Primary/Secondary
Apart from the above DHCP server can be used for various others configurations which we would discuss in the later articles.
Let us go through the process how DHCP allocates IP Address to the client machines. Continue reading

GPO – Kerberos Policies

What are Active Directory Kerberos Policies?

Kerberos remains the default authentication protocol in the active directory environment. There are five kerberos policies that directly relate to active directory authentication. These policies are supposed to be configured at the default domain level. Let’s walk through each of these policies in brief.

1. Enforce User Logon Restriction – The policy ensures that every Continue reading