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Kerberos in Windows – An Overview

Kerberos is used since a long time as an authentication protocol in the UNIX world. It entered the Windows family with Windows 2000 and is used with all the OS releases till date. Windows Active Directory uses Kerberos as a default authentication protocol. Its major advantage over other authentication schemes is its interoperability with Unix systems. When coupled with a strong password, Kerberos is considered to be the toughest to break through. Kerberos V5 is the current version used in the Windows Family. Continue reading

GPO – Kerberos Policies

What are Active Directory Kerberos Policies?

Kerberos remains the default authentication protocol in the active directory environment. There are five kerberos policies that directly relate to active directory authentication. These policies are supposed to be configured at the default domain level. Let’s walk through each of these policies in brief.

1. Enforce User Logon Restriction – The policy ensures that every Continue reading